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Drew Dallons

VP of Marketing and Digital Resources

Drew has a 20 year background in finance, starting at Bank One in Columbus, Ohio and continuing on with Chase Bank for ten years in several divisions, including banking operations, mortgage servicing and multi-family loan origination. He then spent ten years in Treasury Operations and as a Sr. Cash Analyst with the Northern Virginia non-profit National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corp, assisting members with investments and financing. At Yield, Drew utilizes his technical background and social media skills to assist our employees and keep Yield’s social media presence up to date.

In Our Spare Time…

Drew is married to Rochelle Dallons and they have three adult kids. They enjoy cruising, traveling and attending rock concerts all over the country, usually following Pearl Jam around when they tour. 
In his spare time, Drew writes electronic music in his fully functional music studio. 



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