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Catherine Carter

Senior Accountant

Graduated summa cum laude with a dual master’s in accountancy/management from a regionally accredited college. Taught business courses with a concentration in accounting, at the bachelor level, at a local college for 8 years. Pro advisor with QuickBooks. Owned 2 successful businesses. Worked in construction, transportation, publishing, and various other industries. I have been in this industry for 35+ years and I love what I do!

In Our Spare Time…

My joy is my family and my dogs. My daughter is such a blessing and I have 3 grandchildren and dogs both. One is in college and doing well, the other is 12 and growing like a weed and the other is hard at work and exploring life on his own! I have a pit bull and a Catahoula and they are both so playful and loving. They keep me laughing all the time with their playful antics. I am single and since I am an original Florida gal, I feel most at home when in, on or around the water. I am a very positive and motivating person who loves to laugh and help others who do not have enough laughter in their lives!


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