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This group is connected to the monthly Small Business Owners Roundtable meetings hosted by Yield Bookkeeping.
Small Business Owners Roundtable is a growing community exclusive to business owners, where we can exchange ideas, share challenges, develop solutions and expand our networks.
Rochelle Dallons, CEO of Yield Bookkeeping is the Chief Visionary and Sponsor.
Rochelle Dallons, CEO of Yield Bookkeeping is the Chief Visionary and Sponsor.
Information Experts is the proud producer of this dynamic event!


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March 2022
Thursday, March 17th

This month’s roundtable featured our speaker Heather Doering, owner of Ace Strategies. Her presentation was full of amazing resources for social media management and useful tips on how to use LinkedIn for maximum benefit as a small business owner. She shared a number of resources that can be viewed here.


February 2022
Thursday, February 17th

February was a spirited roundtable discussion surrounding creation of engaging content, appreciation ideas for clients, and tips for saying thank you to referral partners. 


January 2022
Thursday, January 20th

To kick off 2022, guest speaker Tanya Keatts helped us learn how to navigate the world of difficult conversations – how to prepare for them, how to prepare for them, what to say and how to keep in control and positive.


December 2021
Thursday, December 16TH

For December’s event we welcomed Tina Hyland from True Clarity Coaching who led a Goal Setting Workshop.


November 2021
Thursday, November 18TH

November was all about GRATITUDE! We collectively shared how to demonstrate gratitude to employees, key vendors, and clients!


October 2021
Thursday, October 21ST

Our CEO Rochelle Dallons presented on ‘Understanding Financial Statements and How to Use Them to Grow Your Business’.

September 2021
Thursday, September 16TH

September was all about small business owner networking! This event led to eight 1-to-1 networking sessions for our attendees.


August 2021
Thursday, August 19TH

August was all about small business owner networking! This event led to seven 1-to-1 networking sessions for our attendees. Our short sessions give everyone a chance to introduce themselves to as many people in the hour as possible.


July 2021
Thursday, July 15TH

Our July roundtable was an open discussion about current challenges:

Fantastic tips were given, quality companies and websites shared, and our attendees left the roundtable with new connections.


June 2021
Thursday, June 17TH

Our speaker Liz Johnson at Mountain View Marketing provided a fascinating insight into the importance of color for your brand. This was followed by a robust question and answer session with great input from other attendees.

May 2021
Thursday, May 20TH

Our May event was all about professional networking. Registered attendees had eight rounds of 1-to-1 networking with fellow small business owners. It was a chance to connect with lots of new business professionals.

April 2021 – Thursday, April 15TH

April’s Roundtable gave Small Business Owner’s a chance to air their issues to each other and provide excellent tips and advice. We covered everything from HR and Federal tax, using personality testing for recruitment, and the pros and cons of NDA and non-compete clauses. We found some helpful articles to help.

March 2021 – Thursday, March 18th

This roundtable featured Cherylyn LeBon from Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig whose presentation on SBA funding and PPP loans was invaluable to the Small Business Owner’s in attendance. She spoke about the many different funds, loans and grants available through the SBA and helped attendee’s with their many questions regarding PPP loans and how to navigate the application process for both new loans and forgiveness. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to her:
Our attendee discussion also led to advice regarding credit score and Identity Protection. Some small business owner’s recommended the following resources:

Credit Karma:



February 2021 – Thursday, February 18

February’s presentation was How to Increase Your Revenue and Decrease Your Expenses. Our CEO Rochelle Dallons, provided excellent tips which we shared with attendees after the event. This was followed by exclusive networking with fellow business owners.


January 2021 – Thursday, January 21

“The Pros and Cons of 1099 contractors vs W2 Employees” Our guest speaker was Nancy Greene, Esquire who is a business lawyer with over 25 years of experience in helping businesses with employment law.

Nancy’s presentation was extremely relevant to business owners who employee independent contractors and it was useful to learn about the new Virginia rulings.

Nancy has also written a book “Navigating Legal Landmines – A Practical Guide to Business Law for Real People” which you can purchase via Amazon.


December 2020 – Thursday, December 17

This roundtable featured Robin Suomi from Startup to Growth whose presentation on Motivation and Mindset Mojo got our business owner attendees ready for 2021. She covered the science of positive thinking and shared motivational tips and tricks. Attendees shared their resource picks for motivation and building the mindset to achieve their goals. The event finished off with a discussion of Robin’s blog Inspirational Songs ( and attendees shared what their theme songs would be.



Your Playlist Can Change Your Life, Galina Mindlin, Don DuRousseau, Joseph Cardillo 

The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg 

Consider a Guided Mindfulness Journal (I don’t have a favorite!) 

Consider a Daily Gratefulness Journal (I don’t have a favorite here, either!) 

Meditation app – Headspace 

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne 


November 2020 – Thursday, November 19

This roundtable covered the “Top 5 Challenges Facing Small Business Owners”. Challenges such as:

  • Time management and Delegation
  • Self-Doubt / Mindset
  • Marketing and Strategy
  • Cash Flow / Budget Creation / Capital
  • Hiring Employees and HR Issues

Attendees broke off into small groups to discuss each challenge and provide resources and tips on how to overcome them.


Apps such as Toggl / Asana / Loom / Clickup / Calendly

Time Blocking

To Do Lists

Top 3 Priorites – Daily consideration (combine with to do list)

Delegation – Always thinking about what the best use of your time is

Schedule breaks into your day

Twice a month billing helps with cash flow

Getting experts to help – bookkeeping / HR / Administrative help / marketing


October 2020  – Thursday, October 15

The topic for discussion was “PPP Loans – What to Do With Them and How to Get Forgiveness”. Rochelle Dallons provided an overview of what the PPP loans were and explained how to apply for forgiveness and the next steps. Attendees then broke out into smaller groups to network and discuss other issues that affect them as small business owners.


September 2020 – Thursday, September 17

This was the inaugural Small Business Owners Roundtable! Rochelle Dallons, our CEO introduced her vision for this monthly event and attendees took the time to network with each other.